Committee on Maintenance

AASHTO Liaison
Jameelah E. Hayes, Program Manager for Engineering

AASHTO Committee on Maintenance (COM) Overview

Committee Structure

The Committee on Maintenance (COM) will have one Chair, two Vice-Chairs, a Research Coordinator, an FHWA Liaison and an AASHTO Liaison as shown in Figure 1 below: Figure 1: COM Structure

TWG Structure

 COM will achieve its goals through five Technical Working Groups (TWGs). The five TWGs are as follows:

  • Pavement – Promotes the preservation and maintenance of pavements
  • Bridge – Promotes the preservation and maintenance of bridges
  • Roadway/Roadside – Focuses on highway maintenance issues including traffic services, vegetation, safety appurtenances, signs, striping, drainage, and lighting
  • Equipment – Addresses equipment issues and champions the principles and practices of effective equipment management.
  • Maintenance Operations – Focuses on highway maintenance operations issues including work zone safety, snow and ice control, and emergency response

The TWGs have a well-defined leadership structure, broad participation and clear responsibilities:

  • Each TWG will be led by a Chair and two Vice-Chairs appointed by the Chair of COM in consultation with the COM Vice-Chairs. The TWG Chair and Vice-Chair must be members of COM. Each TWG will also have an FHWA Liaison appointed by the COM FHWA Liaison. The TWG leadership structure is shown in Figure 2.
  • TWG membership is voluntary. Participation in a TWG is not limited to members of COM.
  • Each TWG will address all of the strategic focus areas and is responsible for developing an annual work plan. Some TWGs have affiliations with AASHTO Technical Services Programs (TSP).

Figure 2: 


Table 1: COM Organization and Functional Matrix, and Areas for Action  

Table 1 identifies specific areas for action as they relate to the five technical working groups and the six strategic focus areas. The table is intended to facilitate development of the TWG annual work plans, member participation in the annual meeting and other activities. This structure allows for broader committee member participation during the annual meeting and facilitates the technical working groups’ role in addressing topics in each of the strategic focus areas that are of interest to various working groups while meeting the overall goals of the committee.

Many activities involve liaison with other organizations and committees and subcommittees. A list of organizations, committees and subcommittees that have activities of relevance to COM are included in the appendix.

Appendix – Liaisons

COM has formal and informal liaisons with a number of organizations and committees as shown in the tables below:

Table 2: Organizations with Formal Liaisons

Table 3: AASHTO Affiliated Organizations, Committees and Subcommittees

Table 4 Other Organizations

Committee Charter and Strategic Plan