Committee on Maintenance

AASHTO Liaison
Jameelah E. Hayes, Program Manager for Engineering

2015 Meeting Agenda

2015 Meeting Minutes

2015 Meeting Presentations


AASHTOWare Bridge Management Update_Bridge TWG

Accelerated Sign Inventory and Management

Applying Social Return on Investment to Risk Based Transportation Asset Mngt Plans in Low Volume Bridges

Bridge TWG FHWA Research Update

Bridge TWG Update

Clear Roads Pooled Fund Update

Comments on the NPRM for Condition of Pavements and Bridges_ Pavement TWG

CTDOT-Winter Highway Maintenance Operations

Domestic Scan 13-01 Advances in Developing a Cross Trained Workforce

Effective Winter Weather Operations Plans for Snow and Ice Control

EMTSP Program Update

Environmental Stewardship, Commitments, and Compliance-Roadway RoadsideTWG 

Evaluating the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV) for Transportation Purposes 

FHWA Pavement Preservation Expert Task Group Update

FHWA Roadway Departure Initiatives

FHWA Update

Final Equipment TWG Report

FP2 Industry Update

Freezing of Anti-Icing Solutions on Road Surfaces

GDOT Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising

How to Utilize NTPEP Data in Maintenance_TDOT

Introduction and Overview for Structural Health Montinoring and Bridges_SENSR

Iowa DOT-Maintenance Perspectives

Long-Term Bridge Performance Program

Maintenance Peer Network Update

MAP21 Emergency Relief Changes_FHWA

Midwest Bridge Preservation Partnership Update

National Operations Center of Excellence

NCAT and MnROAD Pavement Test Tracks

NCHRP Update

NCPP and TSP2 Pavement TWG Report

NCPP Research Roadmap Update

Northeast Bridge Preservation Parnternship Coatings Group Update

Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership Update

Optimizing Highway M and R Funds by Integrating RWD Data into PMS Decision Making

Pavement TWG FHWA Update

Precast Concrete for State-of-the-Art Pavement Infrastructure Maintenance

Quantifying Benefits of Early Bridge Maintenance and Preservation

Rapid Evaluation of Bridge Decks in a Cooridor

Road Weather Management Program

SCOM Update

SICOP Progam Update

TRB Update

TRB Winter Maintenance Committee Update_Safety and Reliability TWG

Trucker Assisted Reporting and Multi-State Capability Levels

TSP2 Bridge TWG Update

TSP2 Certification Overview_ Equipment TWG

TSP2 Program Update

UDOT Bridge Management Projections

VDOT’s Experience with High Friction Surface Treatments

Western Bridge Preservation Partnership Roundtable Discussion

WSDOT Effective Communication of Budget Impacts to Highway Maintenance and Preservation Programs

WSDOT Performance Measures and Accountability


2015 TRB Papers 

​A Core Strategy for Addressing Pavement Failure Related to Utility Excavations

AVL-GPS-MDSS Use for Winter Maintenance_MDOT

Benchmarking Fuel Use and Emission Rates for Heavy Duty Diesel Highway Maintenance Equipment

Bridge Business Process_Principles of Asset Management

Communicating Maintenance Needs-A Performance-Based Budgeting Model

Comparing Risk Factors of Crash Injury Severity on West Virginia and Montana Rural Freeways

Does Preservation Matter, The Role of Pavement Preservation in Pavement Life

Effective Communication of Budget Impacts to Highway Maintenance and Preservation Programs

Efforts to Tie Maintenance Funding to Performance_NCDOT

Estimating Equipment Costs

Improvements in Operational Performance Reporting_NCDOT

Incorporating Risk-Based Analysis into Transportation Asset Management Plans

Measuring the Impact of Training on the Use of Chlorides In Winter Maintenance

NCHRP 08-36 Task 114 Transportation Asset Management for Ancillary Assets

Pavement Preservation on High Volume Roads – A Review of R26 Implementation

Performance Measures Implementation for Efficient Fleet Maintenance and Operations

Potholes Prevent Before They Present

Protect the Queue_TDOT

Quality Management of Performance Based Asset Maintenance Programs_HDR

Traffic Incident Management and the Role of Transportation-Public Works Agencies

Training and Cerification of Highway Maintenance Workers_Synthesis Report 2015

Using Current Valutation to Direct Maintenance Decisions_VDOT