Roadside & Environment Task Force

Statement of Direction

The Roadside Task Force will champion roadside maintenance issues for AASHTO members. The Task Force shall:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information among its members;

  • Increase awareness of the public expectations for aesthetics, safety, and environmental protection of the roadside, including context sensitive design;

  • Survey best practices for raising public awareness about maintenance constraints to meeting their expectations;

  • Serve as the focal point for issues related to roadside facilities and services;

  • Promote a dialogue of cooperation between maintenance and design areas in order to construct roadsides that are easier to maintain, thus providing a higher level of service to the traveling public;

  • Promote, cooperate, and communicate with TRB Committees, AASHTO Subcommittees, and other related organizations;

  • Develop Research Program Statements and synthesis, and submit to AASHTO Maintenance Subcommittee; and

  • Serve as resource and subcommittee liaison on issues involving the joint use of highway rights-of-way (i.e., weigh stations, accomodation of utilities, community service groups, and other agencies).