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AASHTO Maintenance Publications

The following are AASHTO publications that are developed and/or updated by the Subcommittee on Maintenance and its task forces. These publications may be purchased at the AASHTO Online Bookstore.

Guidelines for Maintenance Management Systems, 2004. State highway agencies have undertaken major initiatives to implement new and improved maintenance management systems (MMS). A comprehensive MMS can help managers at all organizational levels meet their growing challenges. Major benefits that can be attained with MMS include the following: maintenance quality rating systems; customer-input data; trade-off analysis to determine the maximum benefits attainable with available funding; application of performance-based budgeting techniques; and assessment of consequences of shifting funds between competing program objectives. Paperback. 56 pp.

"Pavement Preservation: Practices, Research Plans, and Initiatives" NCHRP report 20-7 task 184 (1.8Mb PDF)
This report identifies and documents pavement preservation research needs. The primary sources of information used to develop this report include a comprehensive survey of State Highway Agency (SHA) practice and a review of recent literature on the topic. SHAs and four Canadian Provinces were asked to provide detailed responses to a 33-question survey; the 35 responses that were received are viewed as an accurate representation of the current state of the practice.

Detectable Warning Products Installation, Maintenance, and Durability Considerations (3.74 Mb, PDF)
The objective of this study was to create a compilation of the available research and other information available with regard to the durability and maintenance of detectable warnings under different conditions. Researchers identified manufactured product types and materials, installation procedures, routine maintenance activities, damage caused by these activities, and durability and performance associated with each type of product. Researchers synthesized published information from the literature regarding product types, installation, performance, and maintenance. Researchers also contacted knowledgeable individuals in the industry and within selected agencies known to have experience with detectable warnings.

A Guide for Methods and Procedures in Contract Maintenance, August 2002. A Guide for Methods and Procedures in Contract Maintenance, August 2002.
--- Guidelines for preparing contract bids are given in this guide, along with sample forms. Paperback. 128 pp.

Reports and Presentations

AASHTO Equipment Reference Book 2010 Format


The Management Systems Focus Group Chaired by Lacy Love: The Use of Highway Maintenance Management Systems in State Highway Agencies

AASHTO Policy Resolution PR-10-05 Establishment of a Transportation System Preservation Technical Services Program

National Safety Rest Area Conference Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 4-6, 2006


TRB Committee AHD60—Maintenance Equipment

USDA Forest Service Invasive Species Program

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